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How to distinguish between the three roller type?


According to the direction of passage can be divided into: one-way three roller brake, two-way three roller gate

According to the passage way can be divided into: electric three roller brake, manual three roller brake

According to the style can be divided into: bridge three roller gate, vertical three roller gate

According to the passage mode can be divided into: mechanical electric three roller brake, semi automatic three roller brake, automatic three roller brake

According to the size of the flow can be divided into: ordinary three roller gate, high flow three roller gate

According to the braking mode can be divided into automatic brake three roller brake, semi automatic brake three roller brake (this type belongs to the type of high-grade brake machine, foreign mainstream)

At present, the mainstream of the three roll brake is classified as: automatic three roller brake, semi automatic three roller brake and manual three

Full automatic three roller brake:
Also known as electric three roller brake, the configuration has a motor, all of the operation of the machine is driven by the motor to complete, while the power at the time by the motor to drive the gate turn, to achieve power on the rod, very convenient to use.

Semi automatic three roller brake:
Configuration of a motor or two electromagnets, control to and to lock and unlock, after access authorization, the electromagnet drives unlock unlocking arm, release the brake lever can rotate in a single direction, user can nudge brake rod through the channel. Semi automatic three roller gate design anti reverse function, can effectively prevent the pedestrian retrograde.

Manual three roller brake:
Pure mechanical without any configuration of electrical equipment, users only need to use hand to gently push the gate rod, can pass through the channel, no credit card, automatic positioning, reset system, control single direction freedom traffic, another direction lock closed to traffic.                    




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