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Expos Turnstiles is the whole solution service provider of civil air defense industry. It is an explorer of civil air defense industry with wisdom and interconnection of things as the core technology. We have been focusing on the research and development, design, production and marketing of the Internet of Things technology products of the gateway gate and its surrounding areas. We have many professional senior R&D engineers in the industry, including 11 software engineers and 5 high-frequency hardware engineers. The R&D team has a minimum degree of bachelor's degree, and the personnel with master's degree or above account for 43%.

Expos Turnstiles  products mainly covers the cervix security products, cloud gate intelligent dynamic facial recognition to terminals, terminal, three roller gates, swing gates, wing brake, barrier-free access, brake and parking brake, a typical scenario based on industry at the same time, we also make the park a face of overall solution, wisdom parking solutions, human epidemic prevention temperature measurement at the overall solution, etc.

Based on the mature and reliable hardware products developed by ourselves, the company can fully meet the needs of customers by using the rich software customization capabilities of the team, and solve the pain points in personalized scenes for customers.

With the mission of "unshackle the shackles with technology, make the society safer and freer", asbo brake is adhering to the concept of exploring the future, honest management and careful service. In the process of creating value for customers, we will witness the great prosperity of civil air defense industry with you!


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